Institutional Tree Services

institutional tree servicesAre you developing your institutional property? Need to perform a tree inventory? Looking for help making applications to governments with arborist or forestry reporting? P & A provides institutional tree services to make these processes easier.

Our institutional tree services include properties such as school boards, private schools, hospitals and retirement communities. We can help each step of the way in various arborist reporting processes in making applications to governments. We know how to navigate difficult bylaws and regulations to make the process smoother.

When you need an Arborist Report, Tree Permit Report, Tree Protection Plan, species identification, or other types of arborist and forestry reports, P & A Urban Forestry Consulting can help. With over 35 years of experience in the forestry industry, we know how to navigate difficult bylaws, reporting, applications, governments, and property rights.

Institutional Tree Services by P & A

The institutional tree services we provide are:

  • Arborist Reports related to the review of the trees’ conditions if you are considering tree removal and making the application to the municipality on your behalf for the removal permit process
  • Risk Management review of the trees on the property
  • Tree protection recommendations for new building or addition construction while meeting the tree protection polices and bylaws of the municipality
  • Tree inventory, assessment and suggested maintenance or removal
  • Short term and long term projected maintenance work on the trees
  • Insect and disease diagnosing, particularly Emerald Ash Borer
  • Pre- and post-storm evaluation
  • For institutional properties with Registered Site Plan Agreements, we can help verify the existing landscapes compliance
  • Suggestions for improving property visibility
  • Reconstructing older landscapes while meeting the tree protection policies and bylaws of the municipality

If you need any forestry reporting done on your institutional property, P & A can help. Contact us for institutional tree services!


Prior to considering any tree removal, always check the local municipal website or contact them to see if there is a Private Tree Protection Bylaw. Verify that the location of the tree in question is within your property line before considering any work.