Arborist Reports

Arborist Reports are the most common type of report completed at P & A Urban Forestry Consulting. Generally speaking, Arborist Reports are used by decision makers as they consider how trees are affected as part of a planned activity for a site. They include a detailed assessment of tree(s) on and, in some cases, outside of the property, including health, infestations, damage, proposed grade or site changes, and any other important notes about the tree(s). They also include any recommendations for maintaining the trees’ health, protection, or (when removal is needed) replacement planting recommendations.

Typically any project, such as major exterior renovations, additions, and demolish and rebuilds completed on a property, whether large- or small-scale, requires an Arborist Report. Generally, if trees are affected or potentially could be affected in any way within the municipality that values trees either by policy or bylaws.

Arborist Reports must typically be completed by a competent and qualified arborist. Peter Wynnyczuk, with P & A Urban Forestry is both a Utility Arborist under the MTCU and ISA Certified Arborist and is qualified to provide unbiased and professional Arborist Reports.

Arborist Reports TorontoDo You Need an Arborist Report?

Arborist Reports are used in many different applications. You may need an arborist report to:

  • Obtain a tree removal permit
  • Obtain construction permits (for renovations or new constructions that require tree protection/removal)
  • Assess damage to a tree and identify potential danger to your property
  • Assess tree health for maintenance purposes
  • Verify species present for maintenance purposes
  • Identify invasive species and provide recommendations

If you have been told you need an Arborist Report, or you aren’t sure, contact us. We can help you navigate the bylaws and requirements of when you need an Arborist Report.

Other Types of Arborist Reports

Depending on the need, there are a variety of specific types of Arborist Reports that you may need in addition to, or in place of, a simple report. The size and scope of property, number of trees, project, and local bylaws play a role in what needs to be included in an Arborist Report.

Some other types of Arborist Reports that P & A provides are:

  • Tree Inventory Compilation and Assessment
  • Compliance Report for construction activities
  • Scheduled Tree Inspection Reports as a permit requirement
  • Tree Protection/Removal/Planting Reporting
  • Butternut Health Assessment
  • Hazard Tree Assessment
  • Risk Management associated with trees

Consent or Severance, Minor Variance Arborist Reports

These Arborist Reports might be necessary when you’re making an application to sever your land or you need a minor variance for a proposed addition or development. In some cases, these are needed before a building permit.

We can provide the relevant information to help move your application forward relating to any tree issues.

Contact Us for Arborist Reports

If you require an arborist report for any work being completed on your property, contact us. Our Certified Arborist provides a variety of unbiased arborist reports to present to a variety of bylaw and governing bodies based on your needs and scope of work.

Contact us for a quote for an arborist report today!