Tree Hazard Assessments & Risk Management

Tree Hazard Assessments and Risk Management are one of the most difficult assessments performed by arborists. While trees provide a variety of benefits to us, in some cases, they can also pose hazards that need to be assessed, managed, and mitigated.

Tree Hazard Assessments & Risk ManagementSome situations that may require a Tree Hazard Assessment and Risk Management is after a storm causes damage to a tree, an accident occurs involving a tree, a tree is interfering with a structure, (encroaching on a house, or roots are causing damage, for example). In other cases a tree that is diseased, dying, or a tree that is very old in an often-used area, (children’s play area, deck, or balcony). Any of these situations or events may be reason to review the condition of the tree, so appropriate risk reduction recommendations can be implemented by the tree owner.

Storm Damage

One of the most common reasons property owners require a Tree Hazard Assessment Report is after a storm or other extreme weather event. When trees are affected by wind, ice, or heavy rains, they can lose branches, develop cracks in heavy limbs or have hanging branches or hangars, have root damage, or develop stress cracks in the trunks themselves.

If you’ve recently experienced extreme weather and your property has suffered damage, a Tree Hazard Assessment is important for identifying if there are any other hazards associated with the damage that require further follow-up. Sometimes, storm damage on trees may not be superficial and can only be found by an arborist with experience in Risk Management and Hazard Assessments.

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