Tree Inventory Services & Management

Trees are a valuable asset to have on any type of property. They help prevent flooding, clean the air, decrease energy cost, increase property value, and create a natural aesthetic. If you have many trees on your property, they can be best managed through a tree inventory and management plan.

Whether you own a residential, commercial, or institutional property, or are a government body looking for wider tree inventory services, P & A can help. We assess all the trees on your property to help you understand and better prioritize your tree care needs. You can focus your efforts where you need them and prepare for any future services that may be needed.

tree inventory servicesOur certified arborist can work with your provided survey with trees denoted, or can plot them for you on a base plan to create a full and detailed tree inventory. The data is summarized and the resulting report is easy to use in creating a tree management plan. You will know the quantity, quality, species, and health of the trees on your property. We also provide information about potential planting sites, utility considerations, and recommended maintenance and care for now and the future.

Tree inventory reports can be used to help create your budget, manage your property, prepare you for possible future costs, identify and reduce risks, and provide education about the trees on a property.

Benefits of Tree Inventory Services

If you have trees on your property, a planted landscape or naturalized area, you can benefit from tree inventory services and management.

Some benefits of tree inventories are:

  • Understanding the health and species of trees on your property
  • Determining any risk issues associated with the trees and recommendations
  • Creating a predictable budget for tree management
  • Predicting future costs of maintenance and tree care
  • Help in assessing for energy costs reduction by proper placement of trees
  • Knowing areas where trees can be planted in the future
  • Knowing trees that are unable to be removed (i.e. endangered species)
  • Understanding trees that will have to be removed in the future (e.g., ash trees)

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If you have many trees on your property and are looking to create a management plan, contact us for a tree inventory report. We perform tree inventory services for residential, commercial, institutional, and government properties.

We can assess your trees and help you properly prioritize your tree care needs to better manage the trees on your property.

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