Tree Protection Plans

At P & A Urban Forestry Consulting, we provide consulting and reporting services throughout Southern Ontario where tree protection bylaws are present.

Many cities and municipalities have regulations, bylaws, and policies regarding tree protection for trees on both public and private property. Considering tree protection in the early stages of developing or construction planning can mean the difference between having healthy trees or damaging them and having to remove them.

What are Tree Protection Plans For?tree protection plans

P & A provides tree protection plans for a variety of situations where the health of a tree is a priority during a project. Sometimes, it might not seem like a project will affect the health of trees, but digging could damage large root systems, sunlight received could be impacted, or the quality of the soil could diminish. Tree Protection Plans help to reduce these risks.

If you or a neighbour are remodelling, construction, or developing land, we can assess trees on the property prior to the beginning of construction. This determines the health of the tree at the start of the process so you can ensure the trees stay healthy and unharmed throughout the development process.

We can provide you with professional suggestions and advice to help minimize or eliminate any negative impacts on the trees. This way, you can avoid breaking bylaws, reduce the cost of having to remove a tree after construction, and keep our urban forest healthy and growing.

We also offer these other reporting services for your convenience:

  • Arborist Reports
  • Tree Permit Applications
  • Tree Inventory
  • Tree Valuation
  • Butternut Health Assessment & Reporting
  • Development Application Tree Reports

Contact us if you have further requirements for reporting or consulting. We are qualified to help!

Tree Protection Plans in Toronto

The City of Toronto has a number of bylaws in place to protect trees. Street trees, private trees, ravines and natural features, and parks trees are all protected under different regulations. The aim of these is to prevent trees from experiencing physical injury, root cutting, or compaction of soil in the area surrounding the tree.

A Tree Protection Report and Arborist Report are often required in situations where you want to develop or construct surrounding trees that fall under these bylaws. These unbiased and professional reports are ensure that the proper steps have been taken to protect the city’s urban forest.

Contact P & A for Tree Protection Plans During Construction & Development

P & A provides a certified arborist to complete your tree protection plan when you or a neighbour is beginning construction on a property. Whether you’re located in Toronto, the GTA, or elsewhere in Southern Ontario, we can help you navigate bylaws and keep the trees on your property healthy during construction and development.