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P & A Urban Forestry Consulting Ltd., is a local, family owned business. Based in Richmond Hill, our Certified Arborist has decades of experience working in the arborist field in York Region. You can rely on P & A to provide professional and knowledgeable advice and recommendations about trees on your property.

No matter the concern you have about your trees in York Region, whether it is disease, infestation, inventory, embarking on construction, planting new trees, or a tree concern with a neighbour, we can help. Being a Certified Arborist, and a Tree Hazard Risk Assessor to assess and report on tree condition factors, we are also an official Butternut Tree Health Assessor, meaning we are qualified to identify and create assessment plans for this endangered tree species.

We work with multiple types of property in York Region, including residential, commercial, institutional, and government. We are available for consulting on urban forestry concerns with individuals and organizations of any level.

If you’re looking for urban forestry consulting in York Region, we can help! Our Certified Arborist in York Region has the experience to give you the assistance you need.

Arborist Reports York Region

Whether you’re starting a new building project, renovating a home or building, or looking to complete any other work on your property, usually an Arborist Report from a Certified Arborist will be required in York Region to adhere to the local municipal bylaws. An Arborist Report typically must be completed by a Certified Arborist.

At P & A, Arborist Reports in York Region are one of our most common customer requests. We have experience with Arborist Reports across towns and cities in York Region and southern Ontario for a variety of situations. Whether related to Tree Inventories, Development Applications, infestations, Tree Permit Applications, Tree Protection Plans, and more, we can provide the appropriate report.

If you need an Arborist Report in York Region, work with the professionals! Contact P & A today.

View a comprehensive list of our Reporting Services here.

Arborist Reports for:

  • Pre design consultation for a project
  • Permit to injure or remove trees on private or public lands
  • Consent/Severance or Minor Variance application
  • Site plan application
  • Building permit application
  • Construction inspection reports or tree monitoring reports
  • Final inspection or completion of construction tree reports for securities release process
  • Hazard Tree Assessment
  • Insurance Claims
  • Butternut Health Tree Assessment
  • Tree condition assessment for a maintenance program

If you have a unique tree situation outside of the list above, we would be interested in discussing your situation to formulate an appropriate Arborist Report.

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For Arborist Reports in York Region, including Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Markham, Aurora, Newmarket, King City, Whitchurch-Stouffville, East Gwillimbury, and the surrounding areas, contact P & A.

We have decades of experience working in York Region in the arborist industry. Based in Richmond Hill, we are a local company with roots in the community.

Contact us today if you need an Arborist Report, arborist services, in York Region.